Leiden University Medical Center has shown that water is an effective substance for softening earwax. But it even better is to use sterile isotonic water for this purpose. CeruSoft by Ephraim Body Tools is one such solution. You just need one ampoule to insert drops into each ear to soften the wax before using our EarScratcher to remove the wax.
You can order additional Ampoules in packs of 10 from our website.
CeruSoft comes in practical single-use 1.5-ml plastic ampoules.
Instructions for use:

  • Break off the top of the ampoule.
  • Insert approximately half of the amount of CeruSoft into each ear.
  • Cover it with a cotton wool swab and wait approximately 15 minutes.
  • Then simply use the EarScratcher to remove the softened wax.

Warnings when using CeruSoft:

  • Only for use by adults (over 18 years of age).
  • Do not use in case of ottorhoea (discharging ear), pain or inflammation of the ear.
  • Do not use if you have had ear surgery.
  • Do not use if you know that you have congenital abnormalities in your ear.
  • For hygienic reasons, do not allow others to use your CeruSoft pipette.
  • Discard after use.
  • If you do not see any improvement, please see your doctor.


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